What is Every Day Counts Nutrition, LLC (EDC Nutrition)? It is a family owned business comprised of the Nichols and Pollack families. EDC Nutrition is based on Faith, Family and Fitness. Our Products are Strategically put together, Leading the way is our first 2 packs EDC Nutrition Every Day Essential Adult and EDC Nutrition Every Day Children, both are Multi Vitamin and Omega packs that we're very excited about. What gets us super excited is our EDC Nutrition Every Day Super Pack it contains premium products with our Multi Vitamin, Omega, Vitamin D, Probiotic, Greens and Turmeric. David Pollack and Phil Nichols have carefully chosen the very best formulas they could find on the market, to give these products the best premium ingredients available. David and Phil personally researched and picked a manufacturer with the credibility and formulas/ingredients they feel are best for not just their families health, but the health of all who choose to use these products. EDC Nutrition strongly recommends consulting your Physician/Doctor to review products before taking as everyone is different and seeking professional advice is always recommended.

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What are our intentions? EDC Nutrition wants to offer what we feel are the best products available at a price people can afford. We will not be the most inexpensive product, nor will we be the most expensive product, but probably somewhere in the middle as we are willing to pay more to get the right ingredients in the products.

What’s our purpose? EDC Nutrition's purpose is to help all those we come in contact with our product try and reach their health and fitness needs and goals. We also support the Pollack Family Foundation (PFF) with a percentage of every sale. PFF wants to give back as much as they can to the community, and EDC Nutrition is going to help with this mission, so a portion of every product you are buying is making a difference for others. For more information about the Pollack Family Foundation, you can visit www.pollackfamilyfoundation.com

What are our goals? EDC Nutrition wants to be a positive influence in the Health and Fitness world and uplift those that choose to be apart of our vision and use our products. We want to stay on the cutting edge of nutrition with our products and have plans to expand new products over time.

In closing the Nichols and Pollacks want to thank everyone that is making this vision happen. As you may have seen through our social media, such as Facebook, we are trying to give as many health tips, support and encouragement as we can. This is much bigger than a business; it’s a lifestyle that we want to share with others and help hold you accountable.

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