As I try to put into words what a “fitness journey” should look like, it is complicated yet so simple. Every individual’s journey is different as we enter different phases of life.

When I was in high school I knew I wanted to play football in college. My thoughts and goals were all centered around being the biggest, strongest, most physical and as fast as a big guy could possibly be. As I look back I realize I was training for an activity or the “moment” not for the roads of life. That being said, obviously my eating habits were centered around those goals rather than my body’s longevity.

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Above: David @ 297 lbs.

When football was no longer in God’s plan for me, my goals began to change. I realized that being at 292 pounds my body was not going to last me as long as I would like it too. The first phase I went through was shedding as much weight as I possibly could as quickly as I could. That goal was reached as at one time I was 215 pounds. Obviously, for my build and frame that weight was not necessarily the healthiest. I cared more about what the scale said then how I was feeling on a daily basis. It has taken me some time, but I now realize that putting healthy foods into my body, as well as participating in physical activity that is fun has transformed my life. I want to run and play with my children, I want my body to be healthy and endure well into the elderly phases of my life.

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One of the most important things I can share, is that focusing on the negativity of where you used to be, makes it impossible to succeed. Fitness is about winning today not about the past or the future. Every day you have a choice to make that day count both being physically active and nutritionally balanced. Making your choices in nutrition count is the biggest start to making every day count!

The popular saying “health is wealth” gives great meaning to our life as health is considered valuable and precious to each individual. Good health means not only a state of absence of disease in the body, but a complete physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing of an individual.


Our health is something we can work on at all times and all ages! On Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018 after another round of fighting holiday food and another long football season of bad habits, I felt miserable health-wise. I had just turned 46 in November and found myself wondering if I could do anything physically like I used too. My feet felt awful, I had to prop my foot on something to tie my shoes comfortably, and honestly when looking at pictures or in the mirror, didn’t feel real proud of myself to be completely honest. More importantly I felt like I wasn’t looking after my health, my family’s best interest, and knew I had to do something! I decided at that moment no more….. NO MORE EXCUSES! I mentally decided what I wanted, and it was to be healthy. I started to do weekly journals and every day would write down everything I ate or drank! I started studying what calories were needed and more importantly how those calories needed to be distributed. They call that macros, which led me to learning about the best protein, good carbs and good fat. I found out all of those were essential for not only weight control but actual health.

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On this journey, I had to face reality that I needed to change the way I ate and also that I needed proper supplements to achieve the appropriate nutrients for my body to function properly and at the highest level. Now not everyone can do everything I did, from working out, to cardio, to extreme clean eating, but what they can do is take a slower approach and put the right food and supplements in their body and start taking baby steps! As you’ll see in my pictures, the transformation was needed but more importantly progress was achieved. Now I have not met my personal goals, but I have changed my health and also can do things I had lost. My feet are much better, I can bend over and tie my shoes, and when I look in the mirror I am proud of myself, not just because I’m more fit but because I invested in myself and did the things needed. If I could inspire or encourage anyone to do anything for their health, I would say #1 make sure you write down why you are doing this and keep a journal of what you do day to day both food and activity, and #2 make sure you and your family is getting the proper food and supplements needed to be healthy. If you’re not working out or especially not eating right, these two things can still be life changing and help you and your family be healthy.

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